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A team built from an insurance past, rich in insurtech experience 

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Risk Solved would not be the product today if it wasn't for the rich history of insurance experts dedicated to making this risk management platform tailored specifically to the insurance industry.

The nucleus of the team all have experience working for insurance or insurtech companies, in fact if it wasn't for Richard's experience wasting time writing risk reports for underwriters, Risk Solved may never have been developed.   


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Mary leads the Project Management team for Risk Solved. It's her team that will be liaising with various internal workstreams to ensure your project runs without delay.


Before joining Risk Solved Mary’s 30+ years’ experience has seen her work in an Insurance company, Brokerage, MGA as well as various well known worldwide software houses. 

Mary Roberts

Project Management Lead


James leads the development team who work tirelessly to ensure the vision of our customers are always met. 


James has worked at various companies engaging in software development and infrastructure projects for a variety of clients including The BBC, Channel 4 and Orange Mobile. A veteran of the Microsoft stack his first sites were built in the late 1990's helping many companies make their first forays into the digital world.

James Wilde

Software Development Lead


Sam leads a team dedicated to ensuring that Risk Solved provides the best user experience for you and your policyholders.


It'll be Sam's team collating your requirements and working closely with the development team to ensure your specifications have been met. 

Sam Hodgson

Applications Team Lead

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