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Our customers have proven reductions in loss ratios and increasing underwriting profitability 

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Risk Solved is used globally by insurers, brokers and their clients. The best assurance we can offer about our quality of service comes from our diverse satisfied clients.

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Award-winning specialist insurance and financial services company with over 130 years of experience.

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The largest independent underwriting manager in Southern Africa, offering brokers and client's insurance solutions. 

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Methodist Insurance, the oldest denominational church insurer in the UK, have been protecting the property of the Methodist Church since 1872, 

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AEGIS is a leading mutual insurance company providing liability and property coverage & risk management services.

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One of the world’s oldest insurance companies, helping customers around the world protect what they value most.

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Delivering value, knowledge and insurance services to higher education institutions across the UK.

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Providing specialist insurance solutions and risk management for Baptist churches and communities since 1905.

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