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Risk Solved has successfully completed the CyberGRX assessment which has been independently validated by CyberGRX partners. Customers can leverage Risk Solved’s CyberGRX report to reduce their supplier due diligence burden.


CyberGRX assessments apply a dynamic and comprehensive approach to third-party risk assessment, replacing outdated static spreadsheets as well as the need to repetitively request access to Risk Solved’s assessment each year.


The CyberGRX assessment provides advanced capabilities by integrating Risk Solved's responses with analytics, threat intelligence, and sophisticated risk models, based on known breach kill chains, to provide an in-depth view of Risk Solved’s security posture.

Customers can use CyberGRX’s Framework Mapper feature which will allow them to map Risk Solved’s assessment to commonly used industry frameworks and standards to instantly gain visibility into controls coverage.


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