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Industry-leading, globally-utilised risk engineering and risk data solution.


Risk Solved is a SaaS-based risk engineering data solution designed to help you manage your full Risk Management Life Cycle. 

From efficient data capture to reporting risk-mitigating actions, Risk Solved manages the full workflow within one easy-to-access environment.

The Risk Solved platform comprises of four key access areas depending on who is utilising the platform. 

Admin Hub

Consultant Hub

Data & Analytics Hub

Client Portal

Admin Hub

The Risk Solved Admin Hub sits at the core of the platform providing operational teams with access to a wide range of tools and services that allow the configuration of core system components. 

Core functions provided via the Admin Hub include:

  • User management and access roles (internal and external)

  • Data model and question design

  • Questionnaire template building

  • Portal configuration and design

  • Scoring and rating algorithms

  • Work allocation and request management

  • Client Management

  • Activity summary and audit

  • Contract and invoice generation

  • TP system integrations (finance, calendar, underwriting, nat cat)

  • Multilingual capabilities

Admin Hub

Consultant Hub

Created specifically for Engineers, Surveyors or Consultants, survey activities allocated to a specific user are accessible via the Consultant Hub. 

Accessible via smartphone, tablet or laptop/desktop the Consultant Hub is used to complete the fulfilment of remote video surveys or assigned questionnaire templates by the surveyor, at any stage allowing the switch between their preferred devices.

Core functions provided via the Consultant Hub include:

  • Video survey and image collection

  • Scheduling and management of assigned surveys

  • Calendar and diary management (survey and non-survey events)

  • Client Management

  • Activity summary and audit

  • Survey and Questionnaire completion (inc, scoring, document production, report insights)

  • TP system integrations (calendar, underwriting, nat cat)

Find out more about our video survey feature here.

Surveyor Hub
Client Portal
Client Portal.png

Client Portal

The Client Portal gives policyholders a 360° view of their risk engineering and risk data assets.

Core functions provided via the Client portal include:

  • Complete and submit Self-Assessment (SA) questionnaires

  • Access to SA and survey report documents

  • Update and review recommendations

  • MI / BI Reports

  • Training and user education material

  • User setup and configuration

Data & Analytics Hub

Data collected as part of Self-Assessment and Survey activities are stored within the Data & Analytics Hub.


This combined data is subsequently made available via over 60 different ‘data-views’ that are consumed by Risk Solved to deliver dashboards and charts via Microsoft™ Power BI and can also be accessed directly via API’s published by Risk Solved.

Core functions provided via the Data Analytics Hub include:

  • Business system and reporting integration

  • Export to multiple data views

  • IoT and IIoT integration

  • Dashboards delivered via PowerBI

  • Complement existing data sets within your business

Data Hub



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