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Nick Bate

Nick is an advisor to the Risk Solved Board and also serves as a Non-Executive Chairman to six companies in the UK tech sector, including a £160m revenue AIM-listed business. Nick is also a founding member of DSW Ventures’ investment committee, supporting 17 investments completed since 2018.


Previously, in his executive career, Nick was a founding director & CFO of SSP from 2002 through to the completion of a £200m P2P deal to US private equity firm, H&F in 2008.  During this period Nick led the global insurance IT service provider through a PE investment round with LDC in 2004, together with numerous acquisitions prior to a listing on AIM in 2006 and the acquisition of AIM-listed Sirius plc in 2007.


Nick’s pedigree and extensive experience is instrumental in positioning Risk Solved for their organic and stable financial growth.


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