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Risk Solved Ltd, has entered into a partnership with Vectur Energy, a UK industry leader in the reduction of uncontrolled emissions from energy production.

The partnership will combine Vectur’s technical know-how with Spanish tech firm SENSIA’s machine learning infrared imaging technology and Risk Solved’s real-time risk data insights that provide data analytics solutions to increase underwriting profitability.

The collaboration will utilise Vectur’s AI-powered technology, offering industrial and environmental safety and security solutions to monitor, quantify and generate data on emissions, flame detection, thermography and surveillance. This will support Risk Solved’s ability to produce consistent risk data that improves loss ratio through risk prevention.

Suzanne Allen, Director at Vectur Energy, commented:

“Any industry will seek to operate in the most efficient and safest way possible, looking for all risks and opportunities, but knowing where they are is key. With technology that can monitor assets 24/7 and offer real-time reporting of operations; coupled with industry lead knowledge from insurance experts, this partnership is beneficial to all. We at Vectur are looking forward to working with like-minded people who have a common goal of making industry safer and more streamlined, through knowledge and informed data to unlock business potential.”

Richard Thomas, Managing Director, Strategy & Partnerships at Risk Solved, added:

“The risk exposure data that Vectur Energy gather in real-time and the insights it enables will add to our ability to provide the kind of risk management insight that clients need to gain a distinct advantage, reduce loss ratios, make real-world savings, and help their customers improve their business resilience.”

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