June 3, 2020

See risk with your own eyes.

The powerful video surveys software provides a view of a client’s risk exposure and makes analysis of the whole portfolio easy.
See risk with your own eyes… The next generation of digitalised risk information gathering and delivery could be at your fingertips.

Through live video technology, it allows the customer to feedback digitally about their operations. An underwriter or risk engineer can verify the live data and gain the analysis they need to better understand the risk quality.

Risk Solved’s applications automate the risk submission process, insurers can review reports, spot and process data inaccuracies and then remediate issues via video survey.

The software collates and displays all the information in a digestible and easily exportable manner.

We estimate 50-75% of resurvey visits can be done remotely using simple to use, low-cost technology. This can provide a much richer insight to your risk portfolio, save you money on expensive resurvey visits, reduce your overall carbon footprint, and maintain productive engagement with customers in uncertain times.

Arm your team to be competitive by delivering them the data that they need.