Risk Solved improves underwriting profitability through risk prevention. Our powerful software provides a single view of a client’s risk profile and makes analysis of your whole portfolio easy. With easy-to-use functionality, it streamlines the end to end risk management process providing superior insight for strategic decision-making across all classes of business with customisable portals for insurer, broker and client.


  • Survey workflow and data capture
  • Self-assessments
  • Powerful questionnaire builder
  • Automated recommendations, scoring and notifications
  • Used at point of quote, post inception, pre-renewal and post loss


  • Data analytics with powerful pre-defined reports such as
    • benchmarking your portfolio
    • comparisons of client’s GWP with their risk profile
  • Tracking and updates of recommendations as they are completed


  • Integration to our data services
  • Fully configurable and branded to your business or scheme
  • Mobile compatible
  • Integration to your existing underwriting or broking systems
  • Automated follow-ups

Comprehensive survey workflow and data capture

  • Manage surveyor workloads
  • Use mobile devices to reduce time on site
  • Eliminate writing up time
  • Enhance consistency
  • Remove need for local specialists
  • Auto-generate recommendations for risk improvements
  • Monitor SLAs
  • Overcome demographic retirement time bomb

Achieve overall 50% improvements in surveyor efficiency – survey twice as many policyholders or cut expenses

Product benefits



  • Use self-assessments to capture survey-quality data
  • Increase annual portfolio coverage from average 2% of locations to 100%
  • Give practical guidance to answer questions
  • Auto-generate recommendations for risk improvements
  • Guidance for policyholders to implement risk improvements themselves
  • Generate new revenue from referrals and cross-selling
  • Opportunity for brokers to generate revenue from work transfer
  • Audit trail policyholder responses for compliance

Achieve up to 20% improvements in loss ratio using self-assessment

Product benefits

Powerful questionnaire builder

  • Create custom surveys or self-assessments
  • Centralise your specialist expertise
  • Use common standards
  • Encode your product or scheme’s risk appetite
  • Re-use questions to create trade or profession specific surveys
  • Powerful conditional question sets
  • Fully configurable by users, no need for IT or Risk Solved technical input
  • Use your own or Risk Solved’s questionnaires

Our questionnaire builder is as easy to use as free online tools but powerful enough to risk assess complex risks quickly

Product benefits


Automated recommendations, scoring and follow-up

  • Auto-generate risk improvement recommendations based on responses
  • Score individual answers and responses according to your own scale, ratings and weightings
  • Automatically follow-up recommendations using email or SMS
  • Gather customer satisfaction feedback

Achieve up to 75% recommendation completion by engaging policyholders in the process and demonstrating the benefits to them

Product benefits

Data analytics with powerful pre-defined reports

  • Benchmarking and analytics allow powerful risk selection and other insights
  • Comparison of your clients’ GWP with their risk profile
  • Utilise your own and market data to analyse portfolios
  • Extract data into existing BI and MI tools
  • View charts and graphs at a click

Use our library of standard reports or build your own to visualise data stored in the system

Product benefits


Out of the box integration

  • Rich APIs to integrate your existing underwriting or other systems with Risk Solved
  • Consume risk scores produced by Risk Solved in pricing or rating engines
  • Integrate with existing BI or MI solutions

Reduce rekeying and other inefficiencies by integrating your risk prevention solution.

Product benefits