Risk Solved’s powerful and comprehensive data service allows you to learn more about clients without having to ask; enrich the data you hold, avoid errors and monitor changes, all from within Risk Solved.

We have a large variety of data points available now and more being added all the time, covering property such as location data and rebuild calculators, liability providing hygiene scores and Directors’ CCJs, and also a unique suite of cyber data points including rating information to help insurers to price and brokers to cross sell.

We collect data from a range of third-party sources to bring you rich and powerful coverage for all your needs.

Our data is provided via the Risk Solved Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) using secure modern APIs to exchange the data you need about your clients when you need it.

Data is not limited to single classes, indeed many data points are applicable to many different lines of business. Here we give a flavour of the wide range of coverage we offer.


Property is a primary area in terms of data sources covering domestic and commercial locations.  We provide an insight into tenancy and occupancy data for Property Owners risks and geo-location data to validate boundaries and potential exposure to flooding.

Whether you need construction information, emergency services proximity and performance details, rebuild calculators or other specific property information, contact us to see our complete list of data points.


Financial / Credit

Liability and casualty has traditionally been less well served by data providers but Risk Solved changes that.  We bring you data points suited to the liability and casualty underwriter or broker covering company financial data, personal financial data including CCJs, credit worthiness, and more.


Cyber is the in demand emerging risk of the moment with new products launching almost daily – nearly as frequently as new references and breach alerts hit the press.  Cut through the noise and address the challenges of an immature market using Risk Solved’s extremely rich cyber data suite on UK businesses.

Focusing on three core pillars of technology, behaviour and economics, Risk Solved provides a unique insight into any registered UK business:

  • Business sector risk
  • Likelihood of a breach
  • Risk of a cyber attack
  • Attractiveness of data
  • Compliance with ICO
  • Estimated maximum loss/cost per record
  • Overall cyber score

In addition we can assess the behavioural risk of each employee within a business and their personal technology profile, and subsequently and recommend improvements; carry out ‘hard’ technical surveys such as penetration testing; and provide pre- and post-loss insight including digital forensics for cyber loss adjusting.



We know you need better access to data on demand, on emerging risks relevant to specific policyholders – legal issues are a good example of risks that can crop up between renewals.

Gaining insight into relationships that exist between locations or directorships both old and new provides an immediate advantage to collecting the business that you want to write.

Using Risk Solved data for legal queries you can assess:

  • Director appointments and resignations
  • Associated businesses at property level
  • Licences applicable to the business
  • Active loans and mortgages