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Risk Solved Limited – MBO

Risk Solved Limited has secured private investment to pave the way for a management buy-out of the founding shareholder, as well as support for future growth plans.

Risk Solved Limited was founded by Thomas Coles. Thomas collaborated with Richard Thomas, a chemical engineer, chartered engineer and IRM member with 20 years Global experience in the insurance market. 

Richard Thomas said, “When I came up with the concept, I wanted a technology solution for my team which went beyond “report writing”, something that provided unique data insights from the risk consulting practice, delivering value for pricing and exposure management for our underwriters and customers. Working closely with the team over the last three years has been a pleasure and we have seen substantial benefits. The technology gives far deeper portfolio penetration so insurers can gather risk insights on a much larger percentage of their risks. They’ll never get 100% risk insight but with digitalised site surveys, online customer risk assessments and remote survey capabilities we are pushing the boundaries for risk profiling.”

Jason Moseley, Managing Director says “We have transformed the initial project Richard conceived, into a market leading platform. In the last year, we have continued to evolve our product offering, move into new territories across the globe and secure more contracts than in our entire previous trading history. We are now grabbing the attention of some serious market players in the insurance space as insurers look to improve their customer engagement and digitise their propositions across the globe. We strengthened our management team in 2019 with the introduction of Debbie, which combined with our strong and rich product offering has enabled us to achieve this.”

Debbie Baker, Global Sales and Marketing Director comments “This is a very exciting time for us. Our solution addresses one of the ‘Holy Grail’ challenges capacity providers have…namely, improving customer engagement. Our Customer Portal and mobile capability has generated a groundswell of interest, now more than ever, due to the worldwide events that are we witnessing caused by the Covid-19 crisis. The additional investment we have secured will enable us to fully promote our capabilities to the market.”

About Risk Solved: Launched in 2016, Risk Solved is a market leading SaaS solution, used by insurers across the globe to drive efficiencies for their risk consultancy practices, delivering new insights for underwriting and improving customer engagement. Customers include: – RSA, Ecclesiastical, Aegis, IUM and RADD consulting.

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