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A web based risk control solution that allows you, as insurers to manage, assess and mitigate client risk.

With Risk Solved you can:

  • Create Bespoke Surveys/Questionnaires - design questions that help you quickly identify potential risk
  • Manage Workflow - allocate work to a consultant and manage the process throughout
  • Enable Consultants - they can immediately input findings, online or offline via any device
  • Quickly Access Results - as soon as the consultant connects you can quickly understand any potential risk
  • Create Powerful Data Analytics and Reporting - from benchmarking risk scores to consultant performance and more

We count three of the top 12 UK insurers amongst our users.

Risk management: How insurers are using it to win new business
Risk management now sits at the very heart of the corporate governance agenda. Insurers are actively looking for ways of supporting their corporate clients by creating increased resilience. There is a growing recognition that a wider risk management offering can cement existing relationships and help win new business.